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Shadow monster's

2008-11-06 23:27:55 by Washymaru

all the graphics in this drawing will be the graphics for the series
Johnny Smith is a normal thirteen-year old boy but one day he wakes up and he notices how much darker his shadow is the shadow speaks to him as a friend but truthfully the shadow is an evil monsteer tying to use Johnny to eat the souls from normal people by killing them then eating their souls the shadows appearances starts looking A LOT different then johnny's and it look way more evil and fat from human's souls well of course johnny is blamed for all the murders and eventually they catch him because they get lucky and johnny gave in another thing johnny has nothing to do with the murders all he does is witness them he is just the evil shadow's vehicle the shadow does all the real killing well when the police catch johnny its because johnny tricks the shadow and gives himself up to the police while in juvenile hall the shadow keeps urging him to break out ANOTHER thing in the beginning Johnny's shadow kills his parents by tricking johnny back to the juvenile hall part after a few moths the shadow finally convinces johnny to break out the picture above is the part after he breaks out and the police catch him but after this picture the shadow kill all of the 17 police in 4.92137 seconds

another thing is there is a secret group of people who are experienced with the "Shadow Monsters" and have shadows of their own that they "tamed" and turned them in to "Pets"

that's as far as i got to planning the story

Shadow monster's

New tablet

2008-09-28 16:28:33 by Washymaru

Yup I just got a new tablet called bamboo fun